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As Jerry Brown took the oath of office as California’s new governor, he stopped at one of the phrases he had to recite, that he’d have “no mental reservation” in taking office and defending the state.

“Really, no mental reservations,” he said again, an obvious nod to the enormous task he has ahead of him in resolving the state’s fiscal woes.

In his address, he warned of tough decisions ahead, much more than just targeting the “waste and abuse” that most politicos cite when asked to outline where they would cut. But he also cited Silicon Valley and Hollywood as engines of growth, which perhaps portends well for the film tax incentive program currently underway.

He vowed to level with Californians on the budget prospects. “At this stage of my life, I did not come here to embrace delay and denial,” he said.

A footnote not lost on many in the media: This is the second time Brown comes to office replacing a former actor, having first been sworn in in 1975 as the successor to Ronald Reagan.

Clips of the ceremony below: