Creative America, the org created by studios and unions to push for new anti-piracy legislation, is making a final ad splash tied to the vote on Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee.

The full-page ad, which will appear in the Washington Post, bears the headline STOP FOREIGN INTERNET CRIMINALS FROM STEALING AMERICAN JOBS.” The image is of an office building full of workers, but some offices are marked delete to mark the employees who lost their jobs because of Internet piracy. Creative America also has organized what it calls a “virtual flyby,” in which hundreds video messages from actors, directors and other industry workers were sent to members of the House Judiciary Committee.

It follows a full page ad that Internet companies ran today in the New York Times and Washington Post, warning of the dangers of the legislation. Among those who signed it were Google’s Sergey Brin, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, PayPal’s Elon Musk and Yahoo’s Jerry Yang.