Billionaire Haim Saban, appearing on CNBC earlier this week, said that President Obama needs to visit Israel as he has other countries in the Middle East. He also said that he doesn’t plan to donate to Obama’s re-election campaign. But since the interview, the pickup has been something on the order of this.

Saban, the chairman of Univision who made his fortune on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” is perhaps not the best example of a bellwether for the president’s Jewish support for the reason that he never gave to Obama in 2008, either. He was a die-hard Clinton supporter, and after her loss in the primaries, he even met with John McCain. But he kind of just sat out the general election.

Since Obama’s election, he has continued to be lukewarm — but he’s not running to the Republicans, either. But in the CNBC interview he also said, “Will I donate if I am solicited? I will donate. But I can tell you that my staunch support in enlisting people to contribute to the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] and to the [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee] as well as to Democratic senators and congresspeople hasn’t weakened in any way, shape or form. I continue to be a very active supporters of Democrats in both the Senate and the Congress.”

Saban has been one of the most prolific donors to the Democrats, so it will also be interesting to see if he goes above and beyond official campaign finance and contributes to the many independent groups collecting six- and seven- figure checks.