The Walt Disney Co. is expressing concerns about Comcast and NBC Universal matchup.

A studio lobbyist, Susan L. Fox, spoke on Tuesday with two advisers to FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker, a Republican, to talk about conditions that could be placed on the merger regarding online video.

The FCC is mulling so-called “program access” conditions that would require Comcast to provide its video content to competitors. It could affect the exclusivity of content on Hulu, which is jointly owned by NBC U, Disney and News Corp.

According to FCC documents, Fox “expressed concern with any merger condition that may be dependent on or that would affect the marketplace negotiations of independent third parties.”

The media congloms only recently have officially weighed in with the FCC on the transaction. Viacom reps have met several times to express their concerns that the merger would diminish independent programming. Time Warner chairman Jeff Bewkes spoke with FCC chairman Julius Genachowski on Tuesday, and they talked about online video. Bewkes “also reiterated the importance of such models evolving in a way that supports the creation of high quality programming.”