One of the more ingenious political satires of this election cycle is the existence of Citizens for a better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, aka the Colbert SuperPAC. On his show on Monday night, Stephen Colbert had on his “personal attorney,” election law lawyer Trevor Potter, to talk about their latest move: filing comments with federal election officials in support of the conservative American Crossroads effort to run ads that increasingly look like they are coming from a candidate’s campaign. That’s the point: The system has been upended so that unlimited amounts of money can be spent by outside groups, which are less restricted on the type of message they can put out in support of a candidate or, more than likely, against.

Colbert’s letter to the Federal Election Commission is here. As Potter points out, probably the best part is the postscript.

“PS – If the commission does not see fit to grant this request fully, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow would like to offer a compromise.  To avoid the appearance of collusion, the F.E.C. could rule that candidates can appear in Super PAC ads only against their will.  They’d have to be kidnapped, blindfolded, and thrown in a van before being forced to read a statement supporting their goals and then returned to their fundraisers in time for dessert.”


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