MPAA chairman Chris Dodd has penned an op-ed pegged to President Obama’s jobs speech this evening.

Dodd points out that Hollywood is a valuable resource for high-wage employment as the country struggles with 9% unemployment, but that it risks losing jobs to piracy. It’s a theme that the MPAA will be sounding ever more this fall, as it pushes for passage of new anti-piracy legislation.

Dodd writes on Huffington Post, “The coming year will bring a great debate about the best, most cost-effective way to produce new jobs and protect those we now have. Our voice in this debate will be clear: the craft of making films and television series is clearly worthy of our efforts to protect jobs here at home and to grow even more as the economy recovers. While America’s creative film and television community is indeed thriving, the global economic downturn remains a serious challenge today — and an inescapable threat in the future — to us, as it does to most American businesses.

“Further, the threat posed by theft of the products we create, by thieves both foreign and domestic, is real and has a direct impact on the millions of jobs created by our community. When people steal film or television, it is these workers that suffer.”