When Ben Affleck testifies before a House committee on Tuesday, he will call for the U.S. to appoint a special representative to address the crisis in Congo.

In so doing, he’ll also be joined and guided through the halls of Congress by John Prendergast, co-founder of the Enough Project, according to The Hill. Prendergast also has traveled with George Clooney to Sudan and has accompanied him on visits to the White House. In a March, 2009 visit, Clooney also called for the White House to appoint a special envoy to Sudan, and President Obama later appointed Scott Gration to the post.

Here’s the ABC News segment on Affleck’s recent trip to Congo and how he enlisted Cindy McCain, initially skeptical of celebrity causes, to take a major part in his initiative.


Ac2fdd35-e2a8-4002-9dd8-64c123933542 Affleck will be appearing before a House subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Christopher Smith (R-N.J.), right. The most effective activists, at least in getting attention, have been careful to build bipartisan support, no small thing given the Republican control of the House and the skepticism they have of most things liberal Hollywood. Bono’s image changed to that of world humanitarian largely during the Bush years, when he forged relationships with White House officials. He’s been careful not to step into the partisan fray, and to some extent Clooney has as well. (Remember when he took on Bill O”Reilly? That was a long time ago). So I suspect that Affleck will keep a similar focus.