Corrected post

Herman Cain may be the butt of many a late-night joke, but he’s not avoiding the venue. He’ll be a guest on “Late Show with David Letterman” on Nov. 18 Friday, just a week after appearing on  “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where he gamely took part in some of the host’s skewering of his campaign’s predicament.

Presidential candidates politicking on late-night TV is nothing new; contenders using the softer environment of comedy to try to emerge from actual crises is. As we saw from the press conference on Tuesday, Cain already has to defend the notion that he isn’t taking the accusations against him seriously, so he is walking a fine line in choosing to go on “Letterman.” While most presidential candidates choose to do late night to boost their likability, the risk for Cain is that Letterman will ask something unexpected and produce a truly embarrassing moment. Then again, Cain already has been mocked endlessly in the media, so what is there to lose?