Martin Indyk, former ambassador to Israel who now heads the foreign policy program at the Brookings Institution, appeared with Atlantic senior writer Jeffrey Goldberg to give their assessment on the future of Israel.

The latest Foreign Policy Roundtable, the org of entertainment industry insiders, was billed as “the real politics of the Middle East conflict in America,” but the salon was a much greater assessment of the future of the peace talks and the threat of Iran developing a nuclear weapon, and the verdict was somewhere between bleak and dire. A region where solutions may lie in nuance is instead fraught with the extremes.

ICM’s Chris Silbermann hosted the event at the home of Sony Intl. TV’s Andy Kaplan. Also there were Ewan McGregor, Sander Schwartz, Jeff Wachtel, David Kissinger, Cliff Gilbert-Lurie, Jon Rogovin, Nicole Clemens, Kristin Dornig, Michael Mand and FPR’s director, Donna Bojarsky. Nick Goldberg of the Los Angeles Times moderated.