BERLIN — John Travolta will be honored with the Golden Camera for best international actor in Berlin on Feb. 5.

Presented annually by TV magazine Hoerzu to actors, TV movies and news and entertainment formats, the Golden Camera is one of the country’s highest-profile media events.

“With more than 70 acting credits to his name, John Travolta has carved out his place in history as one of the most recognizable and respected leading men of all time,” the magazine said. “The way John Travolta chooses his roles and the variety of characters he portrays shows a lot of courage.”

Travolta said receiving the Golden Camera was a huge honor. “I take great pride in my work and it’s wonderful to have it recognized in such a way. It’s going to be great to accept this award in person next month.”

The 46th Golden Camera ceremony will take place at the Ullstein Auditorium at the headquarters of the Axel Springer publishing group — Hoerzu’s parent company — and will be broadcast live on pubcaster ZDF.

Last year Richard Gere and Diane Kruger were feted as best international actors, while Danny DeVito was honored with a lifetime achievement award and a laudation by Michael Douglas, who also attended the show.