Swedish Film Institute delivers $4.5 mil

'Metal Brothers,' 'Ego' take lion's share

LONDON — Swedish film producers shared in more than $4.5 million of support in the latest round of the Swedish Film Institute’s production grants.

Two films received the highest single awards of $1.2 million each: Ulf Malmros’ “Metal Brothers,” produced by Bob’s Films, the story of two brothers, rivals for the affection of a young female teacher, who arrange a Heavy Metal convention in their tiny village; and Filmlance International’s drama “Ego,” a debut by Lisa James Larsson, about an ego maniac forced to review his surface vision of life when he is blinded in an accident.

Acne Film’s “Switzerland,” the story of a pensioner who hides his guilt by constructing fictitious memoirs, a debut by commercials director Jens Sjogren, gets $950,000.

Three other features and five documentaries share the rest of the funding.