Sony takes ‘Opposite of Love’

Pic is produced by Spain's Antena 3 Films, Zeta Cinema

Sony Pictures Releasing is teaming with Spanish production companies Antena 3 Films and Zeta Cinema on Vicente Villanueva’s romantic comedy “Lo contrario al amor” (The Opposite of Love).

Sony has taken Spanish theatrical and home entertainment rights and plans an Aug. 26 release.

Pic is budgeted at around €3.6 million ($5 million), and the seven-week shoot kicked off Feb. 14 in and around Madrid.

Toplining Spanish TV stars Hugo Silva (“Paco’s Men”) and Adriana Ugarte (“La Senora”), the film turns on a couple with different takes on how their relationship should work.

With “Love” Sony is once more allying with Zeta Cinema exec Francisco Ramos, who produced steamy 2009 youth drama “Sex, Party and Lies.” Distributed by Sony, “Sex” scored $6 million at the Spanish box office.

” ‘Sex, Party and Lies’ proved that a Spanish TV star system, transferred to feature films and ambitious projects, works extremely well at the box office,” said Ivan Losada, managing director of Sony Pictures Releasing de Espana.

This commercial formula was successfully reprised in the Antena 3 Films and Globomedia-produced 2009 comedy hit “Brain Drain” ($9.9 million) and by teen drama “Three Meters Above the Sky,” Spain’s biggest local 2010 earner ($13.3 million), which teamed Antena 3 Films, Globomedia and Zeta.

“Love” fits the same profile as these movies, Losada added.

“It’s a straightforward romantic comedy, very American in the sense of the way it’s told, but very Spanish in terms of the dialogue, but it also has similarities with romantic comedies like ‘The Ugly Truth,’ ” Ramos said.

Villanueva’s directorial debut is the second Spanish production Sony’s picked up for distribution in 2011 after the Antena 3 Films and Rodar y Rodar-produced horror-thriller “Paranormal Xperience 3D.”