Sony Pictures Entertainment has dropped its arbitration against vfx company Hydraulx Entertainment, headed by brothers Greg and Colin Strause.

The studio originally accused Hydraulx with appropriating visual effects sequences created for “Battle: Los Angeles,” and used on the Strause’s alien-invasion pic “Skyline,” which bowed on Nov. 12.

After the discovery phase of arbitration, however, Sony concluded that no vfx overlap had been made.

Gary Martin, SPE prexy of production and studio operations, credited in a statement the company’s “outstanding special effects for ‘Battle: Los Angeles.'”

The Strause brothers added, “We’re glad to put this behind us. We’ve been honored to work on several wonderful SPE projects in the past and look forward to future collaborations.”

In addition to “Battle,” Hydraulx also worked on other Sony Pictures titles, including “2012” and “The Social Network.”