Harlin honored at Valencia

'5 Days in August' closes revamped fest

Renny Harlin, a director who set the bar for Hollywood action adventure with “Cliffhanger” and “Die Hard 2,” will receive a career retrospective tribute at the 32nd Mostra de Valencia Action and Adventure Film Festival, which opens April 7.

The Finnish director is expected to attend to introduce his latest pic, “5 Days of August,” starring Val Kilmer and Andy Garcia, set against the 2008 Russia-Georgia War, which will close the event on April 14. The retrospective also takes Harlin’s three films preceding “August”: 2009 John Cena actioner “12 Rounds,” the noirish “Cleaner,” with Samuel L. Jackson, and 2006 supernatural thriller “The Covenant.”

Further trib titles include: “Deep Blue Sea,” “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” a B.O. bellyflop, which some critics admired, and “Die Hard 2.”

Valencia will also focus on another European who made an impact on Hollywood: James Bond.

Running April 11-14, an event entitled “Bond Before the Mirror,” will analyze 007’s figure from the point of view of “what Bond has represented and Bond as a contemporary myth,” said Mostra director Salomon Castiel.

Homage also includes an open-air recital of Bond title themes.

Launched in 1980 as an artfilm fest, the Mostra rebooted as an action-adventure film event at last October’s edition.