Green was the theme Monday at Sony’s premiere of “The Green Hornet,” where a mock of the film’s souped-up car pulled in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Fans flanked both sides of Hollywood Blvd. to get a glimpse of stars Seth Rogen , Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz as they walked the green carpet.

Over at the Hotel Roosevelt after-party, guests wandered into the green-lit venue where they rubbed elbows with filmmakers and execs. Helmer Michel Gondry joked, “I decided not to wear green. Otherwise, I would have been invisible.”

Sony vice chairman Jeff Blake said he thought the filmmakers “got the right tone between comedy and action, because some people thought maybe it would be a spoof, but I think they got a great balance.”

Rogen, who co-penned the script with Evan Goldberg , described his time spent as a superhero: “I watched a lot of ‘Green Hornet’ stuff and kind of inundated myself with that.

“I signed (an action figure) for someone earlier, which was very strange,” he added. “I don’t look anything like me whatsoever, but I’ll take what I can get.”