AUSTIN, Texas – Berlin-based film financing and prodco Instinctive Film and Twitchfilm.com have collaborated to launch Interactor, a crowd-funding and viral marketing platform that went live Monday, Instinctive principal Darryn Welch said.

Funds raised via Interactor’s Sponsor function will give participants exclusive access to online backstage pass content like daily video diaries and filmmaker blogs. Interactor’s Splinter option offers a chance at an executive producer credit by raising a target amount (which will differ from project to project), allowing open access to production.

“More and more we’re realizing how important it is to have exposure online and tap into loyal fanbases and audiences very early on in a project,” Welch said.

Interactor’s flagship offering is Instinctive’s latest production, “Errors of the Human Body,” an English-language sci-fi thriller that’s directed by Eron Sheean. Sheehan wrote “The Divide,” which preemed at SXSW’s midnight program Sunday and saw Sony, IFC, Magnolia/Magnate and Anchor Bay among other buyers in the house.

Before leaving Austin on Monday, Welch said he expects to see at least two offers by day’s end.

“Errors” stars Karoline Herfurth (“Perfume”), Tomas Lemarquis (“Noi the Albino”) and Michael Eklund (“The Divide”) and is shooting in Dresden, Germany. Financing from private investors and presales to Germany’s Pandastorm and Australia’s Curious Films allowed production to begin.

Participation in Instinctive’s horror genre anthology and franchise kickoff “Paris I’ll Kill You” will be offered on Interactor in late April, and Interactor plans to launch German and Chinese-language versions of the platform within the next month.

Though Instinctive owns Interactor, site will offer productions outside the prodco’s development slate.