Broadcasters are booming in China where revenues from the TV and radio biz exceeded 210 billion yuan ($32 billion) last year, according to data from media regulator the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

SARFT’s vice director Zhang Haitao said that revenues from broadcasting rose by 20% per year during 2006 to 2010, the period of the government’s 11th Five Year Plan.

China Central Television, the Shanghai Media Group and the Hunan Broadcasting System led the field, with each taking in more than $1.53 billion in ad revenues.

“From a traditional broadcasting system point of view, CCTV still holds its special place as No. 1, but from the new-media point of view, Shanghai Media Group now has the same status as CCTV, or even more advanced in the IPTV area,” said Bao Ran, editor of Digital Media magazine and one of the drivers behind the Beijing Internet TV station.