China is underlining that it’s serious about cracking down on piracy by setting up an office to help the campaign against infringement of intellectual property rights and counterfeit products.

Filmmakers, both domestic and foreign, regularly complain that rampant piracy in China makes it a difficult market to operate in. It means, for example, that movies have little opportunity to generate revenue streams other than box office takings because IPR theft is so widespread.

The office will be set up under the Ministry of Commerce, the government said in a statement.

“China faces an arduous task fighting IPR infringement as well as the production and sale of fake products, so greater administrative and law enforcement efforts are needed,” it said.

Police are being encouraged to establish a cross-regional enforcement system to aid investigations.

A crackdown launched last November has brought more than 28,000 criminal cases of infringement of IPR and selling shoddy goods. More than 6,700 criminal gangs involved in wholesaling and marketing the goods were destroyed.