LONDON — Jaimie D’Cruz, the producer of Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” has set up shingle Acme.

D’Cruz, who was Oscar nommed for “Exit,” has set up Acme with Francesca Newby, who was formerly director of production and operations at Dragonfly Productions.

Among Acme’s first commissions is a hip-hop docu for Channel 4, “Life of Rhyme,” which is being co-produced with Lemonade Money.

Previous credits for D’Cruz, who was formerly head of development at Keo Films, include docu series “Agia Napa, Fantasy Island” for Channel 4, about a resort that became a mecca for black British dance culture, and MTV’s “Hip Hop Candy,” a show that followed five British women struggling to succeed as performers in U.S. hip-hop videos.

Newby’s credits include “One Born Every Minute,” a Channel 4 docu series set in a maternity ward, which won a BAFTA, and BAFTA-nommed docu series “The Family,” about a Nigerian family living in London, which was also shown on Channel 4.