Sundance Institute picks Global Filmmaking awards

Projects selected from Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania

Winners of the inagural Sundance Institute/Mahindra Global Filmmaking Award are projects from Israel, Malaysia, Mexico and Romania.

Talya Lavie of Israel won for “Zero Motivation,” Ernesto Contreras of Mexico for “I Dream in Another Language,” Seng Tat Liew of Malaysia for “In What City Does It Live?” and Bogdan Mustata of Romania for “Wolf.”

Each will receive a $10,000 cash prize, attendance at industry meetings at the Sundance Film Festival, mentoring from Institute staff and participation in a feature film program lab.

The award is part of a three-year agreement between the Institute and Indian conglom Mahindra.

The partnership guarantees that starting in 2012 one of the award winners will be an Indian director, and also establishes the Mumbai Mantra/Sundance Institute Screenwriters’ Lab in India. The lab will develop the works of six to eight Indian screenwriters.

“Zero Motivation” examines the power struggles amongst three female clerks at an Israeli army base.

“I Dream in Another Language” follows two friends who have a fight and refuse to speak to each other, threatening the existence of a rare indigenous language.

“In What City Does it Live?” is about an African immigrant who hides in a Malaysian village, and “Wolf” is the story of a teenage boy who wishes for his absent father to return, only to have that wish granted in a complicated way.