Spaniards run to ‘Walking Dead’

Horror series delivers 16.5% share to La Sexta

MADRID — AMC genre series “The Walking Dead,” created by Frank Darabont, has delivered new life to Spanish broadcaster La Sexta.

Bowing Tuesday in a double-episode, two-hour block, “Dead” landed 3.49 million viewers and a 16.5% share at its apex.

The first episode registered 2.96 million eyeballs and a 14.2% share, while the second installment punched an average aud figure of 2.78 million with a 16.5% share.

The rest of the series will run at 10:15 p.m. – — peak primetime in Spain — on Tuesday evenings.

Audience figures are the highest in the history of La Sexta for a series premiere.

“Dead” premiered in Spain on Fox Intl. Channels on Nov. 5 to more than 100,000 spectators in the channel’s best bow of 2010. –

— Anson Woodring