Rotterdam fest unveils film fund

Patrons will get local tax bread

BRUSSELS — The Rotterdam Film Festival has created a patrons’ fund that will support film projects from around the world and help bring them to the event.

“We hope, in a few years, to be able to get €300,000 ($410,320) per year out of this fund,” said fest managing director Janneke Staarink.

Initiative was unveiled Wednesday, on the fest’s opening night.

Dutch supporters of the fest are invited to contribute at least $410 a year to the Tiger Film Mecenaat, which will be administered by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

Patrons will benefit from local tax breaks. Fund is also open to one-off donations from companies, foundations, capital funds or through bequests.

Coin will be spent at the festival’s discretion and will not be open to bids.

“The fund will support original talent and independent film and film projects in the broadest sense of the word — whatever is necessary to make the film, bring the film to Rotterdam and show it to our audience,” Staarink said.