Rezo, Iris create Rezo Finance

Partners prep 'Clinique,' 'Arretez-moi'

CANNES — French company Rezo Films and Luxembourg-based shingle Iris Group have teamed up to create Rezo Finance, a 50-50 financing structure aimed at supporting and co-funding Rezo’s distribution, world sales and production of films.

The two companies will jointly put up minimum guarantees in order to acquire films for distribution and world sales.

“The alliance was formed through shared interests, aiming to bring quality cinema into the market,” the two companies explained in a statement Friday.

Rezo Finance’s upcoming projects include Artus de Penguern’s burlesque comedy “La Clinique d’amour” and Jean-Paul Lilienfeld’s “Arretez-Moi.”

Co-produced by Iris Group and U.K.s 24:25 Films, “La Clinique” will be distributed in France by Rezo Films. It initiated production May 16.

The Euros 4.5 million ($6.5 million) laffer stars Helena Noguerra, Bruno Salomone, Dominique Lavanant and Michel Aumont.

“Arretez-moi” is produced by Rezo Prods. and Iris Group. French stars Sophie Marceau and Miou-Miou topline. Rezo Films will handle distribution in France and world sales.

The Rezo-Iris deal allows Rezo, one of France’s foremost art and crossover film sales agents, access to larger finance via co-production or Luxembourg tax coin channeled via Iris.

Deeper-pocketed financing has become increasingly necessary as Europe’s specialty film market turns ever more around access to key name directors or star-cast titles.