MOSCOW — Moscow’s third Co-production Forum, which runs June 27-28 during the Moscow Film Festival, announced its lineup Monday.

Eighteen projects, focused on co-operation between Russia, the Baltics, Georgia and other former Soviet republics, will be discussed.

The forum, part of an independent industry side-bar, the Moscow Business Square, will give producers the chance to present projects to potential partners.

All the features and docs have finalized scripts, a producer and director attached, have at least 20% of funding in place and have strong potential for international or European distribution.

Moscow Business Square projects: (Title/Genre/Country/Company/Producer/Director)

“24HR Sunshine”

Drama/Latvia/FA Films/Madara Melberga/Juris Poskus

“Be Free”

Drama/Russia, Germany, Ukraine/Passanger Film/Alexander Mindadze, Dmitry Efremov, Alexander Samoilenko, Simone Baumann, Oleg Kohan/Andrei Annenski

“Captain Dikshtein”

Historical drama/Russia/STELLA Creative Studio, ANO/Fedor Popov/Nikolay Dostal

“Encounter at the Elbe”

Drama/Russia/Mirabel/Mira Todorovskaya/Petr Todorovski “Graduating Year”

Social drama/Latvia, Russia/Producer Center Horosho Production/Natalia Ivanova/AndrisGauja

“In the Poet’s House”

Drama/The Netherlands/NFI Productions/TrentandNFI Productions/Sander Burger “Instructions for Divorce”

Black Comedy/Georgia/Pilots Union/Amiran AmiranShvili/Tamara Sulamanindze

“Jesus Lives in Siberia”

Doc/Estonia/Film Tower Kuubis/Margus Ounapuu/Jaak Kilmi “Labyrinth”

Adventure, fantasy/Russia/Marifilmas/Marina Kozhevnikova Ravie/Igor Kozhevnikov “Leonardo’s Corridor”

Drama/Azerbaijan/Narimanfilm MMC/Nariman Mammadov/IlgarSafat

“Life Stories”

Drama/Israel/Lama Films/Amir Harel/David Ofek

“Majorana, No One Will Ever Find Me…”

Noir, Action/Italy, Hungary/Partner Media Investment/Andrea Stucovitz/Egidio Eronico


Drama/France/KinoElecktron/Janja Krali/Eva Pervolovici

“Puppet Syndrome”

Drama/Russia/Petrushka Films/Dmitry Aronin/Elena Hazanov


Biopic/France/Only Films Sarl, Westeast Films /Pierre Assouline/Samantha Lang


Disaster film/Alexander Litvinov Production Company/Alexander Litvinov/Andrey Malyukov

“Wolf Children”

Drama /Germany/Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion/Stefan Sporbert, Ruediger Heinze/Rick Ostermann

“Slavic Film Odyssey 2012”

Documentary/Poland/Ethnogeographic Research Foundation and TVP KULTURA.