LONDON — U.S. writer-director Charlie Kaufman receives an honorary Dragon Award at the opening Friday of the Gothenburg Film Festival, Sweden’s biggest movie event.

Kaufman, who won an Oscar for the script for “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and debuted as a director two years ago with “Synecdoche, New York,” will be in Sweden to collect the award.

Andreas Degerhammar, head of the festival’s international program, said: “There are not many writers who manage to break through the cult of the director that exists in the film world, but Charlie Kaufman is one major exception. His cross-border scripts have earned him an ‘auteur’ status even though he has consistently worked with recognized filmmakers.”

The festival’s lineup this year includes 11 Oscar nominated films, including “The King’s Speech,” “The Fighter” and “127 Hours.”

Films competing for the Nordic Film Awards include opening movie “King of Devil’s Island” by Norwegian director Marius Holst, which screens at the festival’s Draken cinema.

Closing film, screening Feb. 5, is “Corridor,” a psychological thriller written and directed by Johan Lundborg and Johan Storm. It is one of five films in the Rookie project, the Swedish Film Institute’s program for first-time feature directors.