TrustNordisk seals Spanish VOD pact

Filmin deal includes 80 pics new to Spain

Spanish arthouse Internet site Filmin has secured exclusive local online rights to more than 100 films distributed by Scandinavia’s TrustNordisk.

The deal, Filmin’s biggest international pact to date, will give the website 80 films that have not been released in the country, including Jan Troell’s “Everlasting Moments,” Tarik Saleh’s toon “Metropia” and Erik Gandini’s political documentary “Videocracy.”

Subtitled in Spanish, movies will be available free to Filmin’s premium subscribers, who pay a €15 ($21.30) monthly fee. Other users will pay $2.80 per title.

Filmin launched in 2008, boosted by local indie producers including Pedro and Agustin Almodovar’s El Deseo and Gerardo Herrero’s Tornasol Films, as well as arthouse distributors Alta Films, Golem, Vertigo and Wanda Vision, and DVD distrib Cameo.

Filmin is Spain’s dominant legal website for movies alongside VOD service Filmotech, set up in 2007 by Spanish producers’ rights collection society Egeda.

Filmin has nearly 1,000 titles after inking deals with 50 Spanish producers and distributors.

Its streaming service is available on iPhone, iPad, PlayStation 3 and set-top box InOut TV.

Other TrustNordisk pics included in the deal are Annette K. Olesen’s drama “Little Soldier,” Lukas Moodysson’s experimental movie “Container,” and “Portland” and “We Shall Overcome” by Niels Arden Oplev.