Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox were neck-and-neck for record international box office totals, with final 2010 figures putting Warners on top at $2.93 billion, followed closely by Fox with $2.9 billion.

In worldwide totals, Warners was the clear winner, with an industry record $4.8 billion for domestic and international results combined, while Fox totalled $4.5 billion worldwide.

Fox set the previous international high of $2.45 billion in 2009, while Warners beat its $4.01 billion worldwide record set that same year.

Warners claimed the triple crown in 2010, also winning domestic B.O. market share at $1.88 billion.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,” with $611 million, ranks as Warners’ top 2010 title overseas. Fox’s best, “Avatar,” earned $1.48 billion for the studio in 2010, with the pic cuming $2.03 billion internationally.

International totals are calculated from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, but some overseas markets like Russia reported box office numbers late due to the holidays, with numbers still trickling in. Warners included in its totals $70 million generated by Village Roadshow territories.

In overseas market share, Disney nabbed a studio best, ranking third with $2.3 billion, while Paramount saw its second-best year with 1.98 billion internationally. Sony was fifth with $1.4 billion, followed by Universal at $1.2 billion.