I was cleaning out some email when I stumbled across this one from a year ago, featuring fan predictions for what would be the most popular new primetime series of the fall.

Or as the press release put it:

As local media organizations come under pressure, social media rises and other means of online communication increase, fans are increasingly coming to prominence online as experts on TV shows. Wetpaint which runs a network of fansites is already
monitoring this audience through their weekly ranking of the top TV shows online (www.fandex.com) and we believe the online fans will be increasingly important indicators for networks and producers as to the success of their show.

Wetpaint did a survey of more than 1,000 of the most rabid fans (nearly half of these fans spend at least an hour online weekly talking about the episode) and found what shows they are planning to watch this fall. While a known franchise (NCIS) led and one is a remake of an older show, the rest are the new shows that are being trotted out in the media now.

So how did the fans do as prognosticators?

1. NCIS: Los Angeles

2. The Vampire Diaries

Hey, pretty good. Both shows got renewed and did well last season. But then, the wheels start coming off…

3. Stargate Universe

4. Trauma

5. Three Rivers

6. FlashForward

Ouch. Tough run there.

7. Glee

OK, except that premiered in May 2009, so a lot of people had seen it. Not really fair — and even then, only No. 7.

8. Mercy

9. The Prisoner

10. Defying Gravity

Yikes, bombs away. Dead, dead, dead. And meanwhile, no sign of “Modern Family,” “The Good Wife” or “The Cleveland Show.”

In other words, unscientific polls purporting to represent the voice of the people — including the networks’ intent-to-view data reported on by my colleague Michael Schneider, which is more reliable but by no means infallible — is an inexact science, and web efforts to poll fans are usually pretty much a waste of time.

But thanks for playing, Fandex. I’m just glad I saved your release long enough to goof on it.