“Survivor” gets a boost from two things as the show invades its new Wednesday timeslot: Fox Sports studio fixture Jimmy Johnson, and a young (30 and under) vs. old (40 and up) age divide.

Jimmyj Given the general complexion of the CBS audience, it’s not hard to figure out who most Eye network viewers — a demographic that can refer to the 67-year-old Johnson as “that nice young man” — will be rooting for, although some might also prefer the other football-related contestant, Brenda, a former Miami cheerleader.

CBS sent out a preview that cut off the ending, but as a sporadic “Survivor” viewer, I have to confess having Johnson in the mix — and the reactions he elicited — made the whole thing more entertaining. (In the disclosure dept., I’m currently writing a weekly column for Foxsports.com, meaning Johnson and I are both receiving checks from them, although I assume his are much bigger.)

Meanwhile, NBC was kind enough (foolish, really) to provide a second episode of “Outlaw” in advance of Wednesday’s preview, and viewing the new hour only confirms what I disliked about the show in my initial review.

This time, Jimmy Smits’ crusading lawyer takes on a police shooting in Arizona, which provides an opportunity to weigh in on the state’s controversial “May I see your papers, please?” (as the left is calling it) immigration law. Even with a counter-intuitive view of that story, the episode suggests “Outlaw” is going to be the dumb person’s version of “Law & Order” — ripping stories from the headlines, and then riffing on them in the most banal, dunder-headed manner possible. And that’s ignoring all the flirty banter among the supporting cast.

So much for the retrial. On to the next case.