Syfy’s reality TV is just plain weird — a mix of gearhead goofiness, a la “Mythbusters,” and paranoid “What might be out there?” speculation, a la “The X-Files.” Invariably, the shows feature teams of “experts” who are chosen about as arbitrarily as possible.

Into this mix comes “Beast Legends,” which is every bit as silly as its title, but does include a comic-book artist (!) among its team of beast hunters.

Wakeoftheredwitch Premiering Sept. 9, the first episode focuses on the Kraken, a mythical beast not just featured in “Clash of the Titans” (badly) but also rumored to have sunk boats, with its huge tentacles reaching out from beneath the sea to destroy unsuspecting mariners.

Since they can’t produce a Kraken, they go about checking out animals that are sort of like one (octopi, squids), only a lot smaller. Then they use CGI and gizmos to see if they can replicate a bigger version. The Scooby gang consistently seems really excited by all of this, without getting any closer to the issue of why they’re wasting an hour of my time.

Frankly, I suggest people skip the show and simply watch the 1950s sci-fi not-quite classic “It Came From Beneath the Sea,” if only for the cool Ray Harryhausen effects; or rent the John Wayne movie “Wake of the Red Witch,” where the Duke fights a giant rubbery-looking octopus, which I otherwise really like — and really enjoyed when I was about 10.

Alas, I can’t say the same for “Beast Legends,” which is pretty beastly, but far from legendary.