A full review is coming at the end of the show, but I can’t say this strongly enough: Please never present the five best score nominees as an interpretive dance ever again. Yes, they loved it in the hall, but at home it couldn’t have been flatter — and really couldn’t do justice to the artistry and athleticism on the stage.

Also, I’m still trying to figure out what the portion devoted to “Up” actually had to do with the movie.

The Kennedy Center honors has a lot of practice, and even it struggles at times. But future Oscar producers might want to study that telecast for some tips on how to package musical tributes.

On the plus side, the ABC promo for “Modern Family” — with the characters playing movie charades — might be the best thing I’ve seen all night.

Just had to share those thoughts while they were fresh.

Update: OK, I saw something later in the night that actually made me laugh harder than the “Modern Family” promo — namely, the Barbara Walters reaction shot when Mo’Nique was telling her why she didn’t shave her legs. Can’t really do it justice, but I’m sure some enterprising sort will post it somewhere. Find it. You’ll thank me.