Normally, I wouldn’t get into divulging personal data in this space. Still, at the risk of being self-indulgent, I’m going to be servicing the blog (and probably reviewing) a bit less off and on over the next few weeks, and in light of recent changes at the paper it seemed prudent to forestall any misconceptions by explaining why.

Said explanation:Alexandra Liu Lowry, born March 19. And while I greatly appreciate the plug from my colleagues on the “On the Air” blog, I’m happy to report that she doesn’t resemble dad, which gives her a significantly better chance of being attractive.

Mother and baby doing fine. Father a little frazzled and perhaps wishing he’d listened to those voices about 30 years ago who professed qualms about journalism as a career and suggested that he make like his father and older brother and go to law school.

Hopefully, sleep disruptions won’t result in crankier columns and reviews, but no promises — especially since my dreams of financing college with Final Four picks pretty much evaporated when Kansas got knocked out of the NCAA tourney.