Tony Robbins is known for many things, but to me, he’ll always be the co-star of “Shallow Hal.”

To Arianna Huffington, apparently, he’s all he claims to be, given her willingness to shill for Robbins and his upcoming NBC series, “Breakthrough With Tony Robbins,” which begins July 27.

Although Huffington attributes the endorsement to having been moved by watching Robbins’ new program, her explanation of the partnership reads like a product-placement deal.

Smart move by Robbins, who obviously is no slacker when it comes to promoting himself. Maybe a little less savvy on the part of Huffington, who explains the ongoing promotion for “Breakthrough” as follows:

Each week, our community will have the chance to select the top five
examples of breakthroughs posted on the site, and we’ll feature them.
And each week Tony will come on HuffPost after his NBC show to join the
discussion — and to offer specific tools and strategies for overcoming

Starting, perhaps, with the crisis of how to get people to watch NBC at 8 p.m. Tuesdays during the summer?