Now, stay with me on this.

In the premiere of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” which Bravo was kind enough to send out a month in advance, Kelsey Grammer is still together with his wife, Camille, when the program begins and says he urged her to participate. It’s “time for Camille to get a little attention,” he says in one of those direct-to-camera interviews.

Camille This was obviously before Grammer left her and revealed that his 20-something girlfriend is carrying his child. Seriously, where’s Dr. Frasier Crane with that radio advice show when you need him?

It should come as no surprise, given the parameters of these exercises, that Camille does not exactly come off as a sympathetic character as depicted in “RHofBH.” She refers to living at her own “private retreat” — a mere 17 acres — and says that she has four nannies to mind her two kids, which is a rather unorthodox ratio.

“Don’t judge me,” she says, which also betrays an unintended sense of humor — or at least, minimal understanding of why people watch Bravo.

“I’ve been called a trophy wife, and I’m a lot more than that,” Camille says later, with great conviction. Still, she raises eyebrows among the other women when she says that surrogates gave birth to her kids, which produces some catty harrumphing about how she’s kept her fabulous figure.

If Kelsey wanted to make Camille look bad before breaking up with her, in other words — or at least marginally level the playing field, sympathy-wise, in the court of public opinion — he couldn’t have come up with a better scheme than encouraging her to do this show. Plus, becoming one of the “Real Housewives” theoretically gives her a bit more of her own money.

On the plus side, the show also features sisters/child stars Kim and Kyle Richards, so any pretense about this version of the franchise not involving acting ought to be dropped pretty quickly, and their “fights” are “Dynasty”-worthy affairs. (For more on actors starring in reality TV, see my latest column.)

The “This season on…” tease also implies that Camille will discover her marriage is falling apart during the taping, and that Kim and Kyle get into a physical altercation in a limousine. But hey, that’s life in the 90210, right?

The series premieres Oct. 14. Set TiVo on “Please forgive me for recording this, and don’t judge me for it.”