ABC’s Sunday-morning show “This Week” closed by asking the panelists for their Oscar best-picture choices.

“The one of the 10 [nominees] that I’ve seen, ‘The Blind Side,'” said conservative columnist George Will.

Really? No interest in “The Hurt Locker,” which is already out on DVD? No intellectual curiosity about the political firestorm triggered by “Avatar,” which has become a target on the right and also happens to have become the highest-grossing movie of all time and a worldwide phenomenon? And Hollywood gets accused of elitism?

For what it’s worth, Torie Clarke and Robert Reich — normally on opposite sides of the political debate — agreed on “The Hurt Locker” as their choice, with Reich, a former Clinton administration official, saying it “says something terrible about the motion picture academy” if “Avatar” beats out the Iraq war film. Donna Brazile, by contrast, found “Locker” too nerve-wracking and cast her lot with “Avatar.”

In the “Doonesbury” comic strip, Garry Trudeau used to mock Will for his frequent references to baseball, calling that the columnist’s link to “the common man.” But apparently Will’s populist streak ends at the warning track.