TV.com has published an amusing look at “TV’s Craziest Fan Bases,” placing the CW’s “Supernatural” on top, followed in descending order of insanity by the extreme fans of “True Blood” and “Heroes” (a tie); “Lost;” and “Chuck” and “Smallville.”

Actually, I’m not sure there’s any more pathetic group right now than the folks pining for “Stargate Atlantis,” which gets to my main point about die-hard fans — namely, that it’s much easier to take them seriously when they’re at least fanatical about something that merits the time and attention (a subjective measure, I know).

Trueblood09_22 For example, I can see being utterly gaga about “Friday Night Lights,” or “Lost.” I have a more difficult time respecting somebody who’s still obsessing over “Dollhouse” (and trust me, they’re out there, I have the emails to prove it). Similarly, while I understand being caught up by “Heroes” in season one and perhaps into the second year, if you’re still preoccupied with what’s happening now on the show, it’s not just the cheerleader who needs saving.

Based on an unofficial sampling of the crowds at last year’s Comic-Con, by the way, I would credit “Lost” and “The Big Bang Theory” fans with being a more discerning group than those howling at “True Blood,” “Heroes” or “Supernatural.” Frankly, I was afraid that “Blood’s” Alexander Skarsgard wasn’t going to get out of there with his pants.

Mostly, passion for such shows is a perfectly harmless pastime. That said, when your imaginary TV friends start speaking back to you, I suggest seeking professional help.