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Stephen Colbert managed a pretty remarkable feat on Wednesday night — delivering both comedy and serious analysis about returning U.S. forces in Iraq, all in one half-hour.

As the Comedy Central host noted at the end of his show, 100% of people praise the troops, and 99% of us avoid serving.

In other words, “I support the troops” is about the emptiest platitude that someone — especially a politician — can sling.

Colbert also conducted a very effective interview with Vice President Joe Biden — who gamely served hot dogs to the audience — on what the end of the official combat mission in Iraq really means.

Most remarkable, though, is “The Colbert Report” host’s ability to ad-lib in character at full speed. “The Daily Show” is consistently funnier, but what Colbert does on a nightly basis is a true marvel. I’m not sure if the guy deserves an Emmy or a medal.

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