A Family Thanksgiving

"A Family Thanksgiving" presents a decent case for personal balance.

'A Family Thanksgiving '

Our instant access, text messaging, multi-tasking world seems more efficient, but Hallmark Channel’s original pic “A Family Thanksgiving” presents a decent case for personal balance. Writer Emily Baer also crafts an interesting parable about rethinking careers, or at least redefining the idea of success — a perfect message for troubled economic times as well as the reflective aspect of the Thanksgiving season.

High-powered attorney Claudia (Daphne Zuniga) is all about business personally. She doesn’t have time for Thanksgiving at her sister’s house and makes sure none of her associates have time for their families either, scheduling an important strategy meeting on the holiday. She scoffs at the idea of marriage, relishes her single life and thinks that her sister Jen (Gina Holden), a stay-at-home mom, simply has time-management issues.

“Thanksgiving” takes its cues from countless Dickensian Christmas tales about seeing the error of your ways with the help of spirit guides, but here the mysterious Gina (Faye Dunaway), a self-professed transpersonal psychotherapist, shows Claudia not the past, present or future, but an alternate reality.

A Family Thanksgiving

Movie; Hallmark Channel; Saturday, Nov. 6; 9 p.m.

  • Production: Filmed in Vancouver by Larkin-Goldstein Productions. Executive producers, Lynne Bespflug, Daphne Zuniga, Michael R. Goldstein, Michael G. Larkin; producer, Ian Hay; director, Neill Fearnley; writer, Emily Baer; camera, Michael Balfry; production designer, James Hazell; editor, Stein Myhrstad; music, Peter Allen; casting, Candace Elzinga. 84 MIN.
  • Crew:
  • Cast: Claudia - Daphne Zuniga Gina - Faye Dunaway Bill - Dan Payne Jen - Gina Holden Amy - Kennedi Clements Jake - Nicolai Lawton-Glustra
  • Music By: