If “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” gets a lift from the Emmys, it will be no thanks to NBC’s web site.

That’s because NBC and the TV Academy didn’t secure the rights to repurpose the Springsteen song online. As a result, viewers who wanted to catch Fallon’s Emmy opener have been forced to find pirated versions, of which there are many, on YouTube and other sites.

“That could have been worth 500,000 hits on NBC.com,” Fallon told Daily Variety on Tuesday. “People are looking for it. We worked so hard on it and it’s our own network, and it’s a good commercial for our network. It’s so simple, just pay for it.”

Besides that Springsteen opening number, Fallon was also lauded for his comedic tribute to retiring shows “24,” “Law & Order” and “Lost,” which he did in character as Elton John, Boyz II Men and Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong.

But because NBC didn’t secure rights for the songs that Fallon parodied, that clip also hasn’t made it online (at least legally).

Read more about it here.

While NBC and the TV Academy look the other way, folks have been uploading some of the best moments from this year’s Emmy Awards to YouTube and other video sites.

That, at least, allows the videos to be seen. Above, the Emmy opener, and below,
watch Fallon’s “Tribute to Fallen Shows.”