After Tuesday’s “Terriers” preem at ArcLight Cinemas, star Michael Raymond-James proved that too many rave reviews can make a guy skeptical.

“My mom must have had something to do with that,” joked the actor of the pilot’s early reviews. FX prexy John Landgraf, however, could also have had a hand in the critical acclaim. “We turn the work in and then John explains why it’s like Shakespeare,” said “Terriers” co-creator Shawn Ryan.

Guests, including Donal Logue and Lisa Bonet, made their way to the after-party at La Vida, a restaurant Logue co-owns, causing many an FX exec to joke about the fabulous food. “It’s really good,” said Logue, who put his ownership of the place at “an absolute .0008%.”

Raymond-James explained why he abstained from the buffet: “I hadn’t started my diet until after we shot the pilot!”