“Big Love” co-star Chloe Sevigny gave what many might call an accurate assessment of the problems with the recently completed season of the HBO series in an interview (published Wednesday) with Sean O’Neal of A.V. Club

“… It was awful this season, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not allowed to
say that! [Gasps.] It was very telenovela. I feel like it kind of got
away from itself. The whole political campaign seemed to me very
farfetched. I mean, I love the show, I love my character, I love the
writing, but I felt like they were really pushing it this last season.
And with nine episodes, I think they were just squishing too much in.
HBO only gave us nine Sundays, because they have so much other original
programming—especially with
‘The Pacific’—and they only have a
certain amount of Sundays per year, so we only got nine Sundays. I think
that they had more story than episodes. I think that’s what happened. …”

That got some wheels in motion, and today Sevigny culped a mea to Michael Ausiello of EW.com.