Congrats are in order for Paul McGuire, who has just been named senior VP of worldwide corporate communications at Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Paul has run The CW’s network communications since its 2006 launch; before that, he ran the WB’s department (and UPN’s before that).

But beyond all that, McGuire’s a sports fan — and an even bigger music fan. We asked Paul to give us the top 10 discs he couldn’t live without, if stranded on a desert island. Here goes:

1. Everything by THE STRANGLERS — “the greatest band in history.” Especially “Rattus Norvegicus,” “No More Heroes,” “Black and White,” “The Raven” and “The Gospel According to the Meninblack”

2. JOE PERRY PROJECT — “Let The Music Do the Talking”

3. THE CRAMPS — “Psychedelic Jungle”

4. AC/DC — “Powerage”

5. BLACK OAK ARKANSAS — “Raunch ‘n’ Roll”

6. BLUE OYSTER CULT — “On Your Feet or On Your Knees”

7. AEROSMITH — “Rocks”

8. ALICE COOPER — “Killer”

9. SLADE — “Slayed?”

10. BOB DYLAN — “Time Out of Mind”