HBO’s 10-part “The Pacific” set sail Sunday and drew 3.1 million viewers for its initial showing and additional 900,000 for a later telecast that same evening.

In comparison to the premiere of cabler’s last mini, “John Adams,” the total aud for “The Pacific” was 22% higher.

Looking back at the companion World War II miniseries “Band of Brothers” that aired in 2001, “Brothers” performed significantly higher — 10 million viewers for the first episode — but there are several caveats.

Nielsen accumulated totals for not just one but all HBO channels at the time — that changed in 2004 — and there was no HBO on Demand or DVR usage to account for. Cabler believes once those latter numbers added to “The Pacific,” total viewers should be in the 9 million-10 million range.

Also, a major storm that hit the East Coast in which many viewers lost power could have helped depress viewership.

“The Pacific,” shot in Australia for a pricetag of about $200 million, stars James Badge Dale, Jon Seda and Joseph Mazzello as three Marines who fight the Japanese and try to adjust to civilian life after returning home.

Here is Brian Lowry’s review.