Oh, you two satellite providers, just get a room already.

A month after DirecTV filed suit against Dish Network, alleging that Dish’s “Why Pay More?” ad campaign was false and misleading, Dish has filed a countersuit against DirecTV.

Dish now also argues that DirecTV’s latest campaigns — including the above Alex Trebek “To Tell the Truth” ad — are false and misleading.

According to Dish, DirecTV has been advertising its HD programming while touting its $29.99 package — which doesn’t include HD channels. It also took DirecTV to task for airing spots promoting its “capacity for over 200 HD channels” — without noting that DirecTV doesn’t actually offer 200 HD channels.

Dish also takes umbrage at DirecTV’s claim to be “America’s Fastest Growing Satellite TV Service, and says DirecTV falsely claimed that Dish users have to pay extra to watch their local sports teams.

Said a DirecTV spokesman: “We’ll comment when we’ve had a chance to review their claims, but this is clearly in response to our recent objections to Dish’s misleading advertising.”

Here’s one of the recent Dish ads that has DirecTV steamed: