The hottest new fall series on Twitter isn’t what you’d expect. 

“The Event”? “No Ordinary Family”? “Nikita”? Nope. Try “Blue Bloods” — the middle-of-the-road Friday night cop drama from CBS, starring old reliable Tom Selleck.

Thanks to “Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg, who’s been heavily Tweeting about “Blue Bloods” to his nearly 150,000 followers, the official Twitter feed to the new series boasts more followers than any other new show on the broadcasters.

Actually, no other new show comes close to “Blue Bloods,” which boasted around 7,705 followers as of this morning. The show with the second most, “$#*! My Dad Says,” has around 1,528 followers — boosted by the Twitter feed from which the show spawned, of course. The original “Shit My Dad Says” feed now has around 1.7 million followers.

Tracking which shows Twitter users are talking about is a much reliable gauge of interest in a new series among the social media site’s users. But we thought it would be interesting to look at the official Twitter sites for all of this fall’s new TV shows to see how many Twitter users have so far taken the time to actually follow those feeds.

The answer: Not many. That will surely change once the new season takes off next week. But here so far is a ranker of which new shows have already attracted the most followers. It ranges from “Blue Bloods” to ABC’s “Better with You,” which so far just has 13 followers (but to be fair, that site hasn’t posted a single Tweet yet).


“Blue Bloods” (CBS) @BlueBloods_CBS (7,705 FOLLOWERS)

“$#*! My Dad Says” (CBS) @MyDadSays_CBS (1,528)

“Hellcats” (The CW) @HellcatsTV (1,442)*

“The Event” (NBC) @NBCTheEvent (1,065)

“Hawaii Five-0” (CBS) @HawaiiFive0CBS (1,040)

“No Ordinary Family” (ABC) @NOFonABC (1,020)

“Law & Order: Los Angeles” (NBC) @NBCLOLA (722)

“The Good Guys” (Fox) @GoodGuysonFOX (710)*

“Undercovers” (NBC) @NBC_Undercovers (508)

“Nikita” (The CW) @NikitaTV (430)*

“School Pride” (NBC) @NBCSchoolPride (387)

“Chase” (NBC) @NBCChase (349)

“Outsourced” (NBC) @OutsourcedNBC (308)

“Lone Star” (Fox) @LoneStaronFOX (237)

“Detroit 1-8-7” (ABC) @Detroit187ABC (165)

“Mike and Molly” (CBS) @MikeMolly_CBS (143)

“Body of Proof” (ABC) @BodyofProofABC (143)

“Outlaw” (NBC) @NBCOutlaw (104)

“My Generation” (ABC) @MyGenerationABC (91)

“The Defenders” (CBS)@TheDefendersCBS (84)

“Running Wilde” (Fox) @RunningWildeFOX (69)

“The Whole Truth” (ABC) @WholeTruthABC (49)

“Raising Hope” (Fox) @RaisingHopeFOX (30)

“Better With You” (ABC) @BetterWithUABC (13)

Now, to compare social media sites, here’s a ranker for how the same new series are doing on Facebook — via the number of “likes” on those shows’ official fan pages. Series that have already launched have the advantage, of course. And once again, being a Facebook “fan” and an actual viewer are two very different things.


“Hellcats” (The CW) 73,150 FANS*

“The Good Guys” (Fox) 29,260*

“Nikita” (The CW) 25,313*

“My Generation” (ABC) 13,849

“No Ordinary Family” (ABC) 12,658

“Law & Order: Los Angeles” (NBC) 11,518

“Detroit 1-8-7” (ABC) 8,154

“Outsourced” (NBC) 8,050

“The Event” (NBC) 7,888

:The Whole Truth” (ABC) 6,822

“Better With You” (ABC) 6,125

“Undercovers” (NBC) 5,301

“Hawaii Five-0” (CBS) 3,783

“Blue Bloods” (CBS) 2,735

“Chase” (NBC) 2,531

“School Pride” (NBC) 2,072

“Mike and Molly” (CBS) 1,428

“$#*! My Dad Says” (CBS) 1,424

“Outlaw” (NBC) 962

“Lone Star” (Fox) 838

“Raising Hope” (Fox) 641

“Body of Proof” (ABC) 63

*already premiered