Production resumed Tuesday on CBS’ “Two and a Half Men,” as star Charlie Sheen reported to the set, as expected.

Warner Bros. TV kept the pomp and circumstance to a minimum, only confirming via a statement that “‘Two and a Half Men’ has resumed production.”

Studio would have had little to gain by saying much more than that, as Sheen publicist Stan Rosenfield last week already confirmed that the thesp would be back to work this week.

Production on “Two and a Half Men” was put on hold Feb. 23, as Sheen checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic for what was called a “preventative measure.”

Sheen was arrested on Christmas Day for allegedly threatening his wife, Brooke Mueller, with a knife. Thesp is facing a domestic violence charge in the case, and formally entered his plea on March 15.

“Men” had shot 18 of its 24 episodes before the shutdown. The show was off for three weeks, but one of those weeks was a pre-scheduled hiatus.

There’s plenty of speculation, meanwhile, that CBS and Warner Bros. TV may opt not to make up those two weeks and ultimately reduce this season’s episodic order from 24 to 22 — meaning the show would only shoot four more episodes this year. WBTV declined comment.