“Mad Men”: Episode 7, “The Suitcase”


“Everything is an opportunity for you. And you should be thanking me when you wake up every morning along with Jesus for giving you another day.”

Peggy is the new Anna Draper. The woman who knows the inner Don Draper, the other half of the non-sexual but deeply emotional relationship that helps keep him grounded, to a degree. She certainly was let in way past the Draper stage curtain than anyone other than Anna, and Peggy did the same with Don as she processed her own feelings.

To the credit of “Mad Men” maestro Matthew Weiner (who has solo writer credit on this seg) and helmer Jennifer Getzinger, this is done without a whole lot of speechifying in the episode dubbed “The Suitcase.” It’s no accidental metaphor. Don and Peggy are doing away with a lot of baggage in this episode, and they’re also off on another phase of their journeys, together and apart. It’s no accident that the ghost of Anna Draper was carrying a small suitcase (she’s travelin’ light). And it’s of course no coincidence that the Peggy was tasked with developing a Samsonite campaign.

Interesting that while Don hurts Peggy deeply, and then he descends into scary-damaged territory with his drinking again, she still sees him through, through the tough-love pep talk through the puking on his knees until dawn’s early light. Duck’s ill-timed arrival at the Sterling Cooper offices (his plan to leave a pungent memento for Don was over the top, for sure) probably helped make Peggy realize that Don with all of his immediate problems is still head and shoulders above most mokes on Madison Avenue.