“Lost”: Episode 5, “Sundown”


“He’s coming Kate. He’s coming and they can’t stop him.”

Holy zombie Sayid, this was one of the creepiest and craziest episodes of “Lost” ever.

It was so wild I’m surprised it wasn’t directed by one of the series’ more frequent helmers, but no matter — Bobby Roth did a goosebump-inducing good job on “Sundown.” So did writers Paul Zbyszewski and Graham Roland, but I have to say this was a helmer’s episode for sure. The camera just kept moving and groovin’. And the slo-mo ending was incredibly freaky.

I enjoyed watching it so much that I wasn’t as detailed in my note-taking because I was too enthralled. Now even a half-hour or so after the roller coaster stopped, I’m still processing. (And because of the title I couldn’t get Bob Dylan’s awesome “Union Sundown” tune out of my head.) This is an episode that demands a second and third viewing, at least, before it starts to make sense. (Roth previously directed the 2007 ep “The Man Behind the Curtain” and last year’s “Whatever Happened, Happened.”)

What was obvious on the surface was Sayid for the past few days at the Temple has been fighting his defining internal struggle against good and evil. For most of his life it was a battle between his desire to be a decent chap and his memory of all the really nasty stuff he did to people in his evil Republican-guard-torturer days. This time around, the war within became even that much more personal.