Much has been made upon L.A.’s local news scene. A recent study suggests a mere 22 seconds is spent on the city’s government issues, while crime — if it bleeds, it leads — takes up 3 minutes.61st+Annual+LA+Area+Emmy+Awards+cSs6QIW_feol

Hey, I get that local news is a business and profits need to be made. But while home on vacation this week and watching the 5 p.m. KNBC broadcast today, there was at least 6-7 minutes dedicated to the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James scandal.

I could’ve understood doing a short piece on Bullock’s winning an Oscar one day and losing her husband the next, but what seemed flabbergasting was that anchors Colleen Williams and Chuck Henry did a live remote with Ken Baker of E!, who chatted up endlessly about whether Bullock had her name on the deed to James’ house, where she was living, who was getting what in a divorce settlement, etc.

Ewww. While this is the sweet spot of E!,” Access Hollywood,” “Entertainment Tonight” and the celebrity newsmagazines, are we really going to Ken Baker as a source now on local news? No offense to Ken, of course, he’s just giving the people what they want to hear, but is there no better way to spend 7 minutes of  local news time than on celebrity shenanigans?

And here’s the topper: Just before Baker signed off, Henry asked about the recent Kim Kardashian-Reggie Bush break-up. Chuck, news anchors have a bad enough reputation, don’t add to it. Are you really that curious about what Kim is doing next?

I’d rather Fritz Coleman give me more detail on how our next storm front might cripple the city with a 1/2-inch of rain.