‘Little Britain’ duo take to the air

BBC Worldwide comedy pokes fun at lows in high flying

If you liked Vicky Pollard and the Only Gay in the Village, chances are you’ll also enjoy Omar, owner of Flylo, “Britain’s eighth favorite low-cost airline,” check-in chicks Melody and Keeley as well as Precious Little, the world’s laziest coffee kiosk lady.

These are a handful of the 50 or so characters in laffer “Come Fly With Me,” a spoof docu set in the cut-throat world of budget airlines, from “Little Britain” creators David Walliams and Matt Lucas.

Show took flight at Mipcom where the comic duo made a four-hour lightening visit to the Croisette.

Distributors BBC Worldwide hopes it will repeat the success of “Little Britain,” which has sold to 134 territories, and lay to rest the flop that was “Little Britain USA.”

“Virtually everyone has experienced how awful air travel can be, whether it’s being delayed at the airport or having your luggage sent to the wrong destination, so we’re confident ‘Come Fly With Me’ possesses genuine international appeal,” said Lucas.

The six 30-minute shows, which completed filming 10 days ago, feature Walliams and Lucas, who wrote the scripts and between them play all 50 characters, plus the “Little Britain” costume and makeup teams.

Most of the show was shot on location at Blighty’s Stansted Airport because “we didn’t have the Hollywood-style budget to create our own airport,” explained Walliams.

“Come Fly With Me,” produced by Little Britain Prods. and the BBC, will bow in the U.K. on BBC1 this year.